BURNEX provides extremely competitive exchange rates in comparison to banks and other brokers. Executing billions of pounds' worth of transactions a year provides clients access to a range of suppliers including banks and liquidity providers.We make money on the exchange rate spread, the difference between the buy and the sell rate. The only difference is that we charge a smaller margin and profit than other brokers and banks. We also eliminate extra fees, charges and commissions. It is also important to highlight that, unlike major banks and financial institutions, we don't have large overheads.

We have been providing an online service since 2006. In fact we were the first FX company to offer a browser-based online currency platform for deliverable currencies, with over 50 live streamed currency pairs. Access to the platform is available all day, every day which means that the major currency pairs can be traded over the weekend too. The platform has the ability to work 'orders' and 'alerts' and there is a settlement function which stores payees' details and has the facility to make overseas payments directly to your clients.